Khayaal Theatre: Riding a Donkey Backwards & Other Tales from Muslim Literature

Saturday 3 July, 11am

Ages 5+

Khayaal presents a riveting collection of wise and foolish tales from Muslim cultures featuring the incredibly quirky antics of Mulla Nasruddin (also known as Joha, Hodja and Affendi), an icon of Muslim humour whose tales and riddles are the subject of the award-winning children’s book Riding a Donkey Backwards. 

The Mulla dreamt that silver coins were being placed in his hand 7…8…9… then they stopped. Annoyed, he shouted: “I must have 10!” waking himself up to find that all of the coins had disappeared. Closing his eyes again to sleep, he murmured, “All right, I’ll take the 9.” 

Tune in for more fun, mirth and laughter. 

How to Attend

At the start date you can watch the video premiere here or on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

To buy your copy of the book, and support our partner and local bookshop, email Newham Bookshop on to place an order directly.

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